Specializing In Women’s Clothing

SKY GROUP, based in Thessaloniki and with a showroom at Odysseos 1 – Aisopou 2 – Courts of Thessaloniki, was founded in 2006 and is a continuation of a sole proprietorship since 1993 dedicated to selling and distributing women’s clothing from Greek handicrafts, as well as imports from Italy – France that we distribute wholesale to stores in Northern Greece. Our growing presence, our selection of the most fashionable clothes and the addition of a plus-size collection have established us in the wider market with sales in the neighboring Balkan countries as well as in Cyprus.

In recent years, due to the economic crisis and the pandemic, we have turned to retail sales with physical stores as well as sales through e-shops, wholesale and retail.

We hope and foresee that by keeping our website up to date, with further visibility on social media and together with our existing customers – partners, we will continue to be useful and necessary in the market.

We try and succeed in increasing our range of products and we added accessories, so that our partners have more options and are more competitive in the current market.

Set With Fashionable Women's Clothing Jeans And A Sweater .
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